Servers’ practice continues tomorrow from 5.30pm–6.30pm.

Scripture class continues this Monday evening. We will be reading from the Book of Psalms.

Into the Breach continues this Wednesday evening with coffee at 6.45pm followed by this week’s presentation on ‘prayer’. Session runs from 7pm – 8.30pm. Newcomers welcome.

This Thursday is a public holiday. A Requiem Mass will be at 8.30am for Queen Elizabeth II. An hour of Adoration will follow mass.

The Youth Group meets this Friday evening.

Fr Sofatzis is away for the next three weeks attending his brother’s ordination to the diaconate in Rome and having a holiday.

Fundamentals of the Faith classes are in recess for the rest of September.

Please note the dates for our:
Mother & Daughters’ Camp: 7-9 October .
Father & Sons’ Camp: 14-16 October.
Information and registration forms are now available for both Camps by the side doors of the Church. Registrations are now open.

Bottles for Binil. One of our parishioners, Binil Chacko, recently entered our Ezechiel House Novitiate in Sydney to begin his studies for the priesthood. The seminary tuition fee is $7,000/yr. In order to assist Binil with his fundraising we will be collecting empty bottles and cans for recycling. A container will be available outside the tearoom for you to leave your bottles/cans in and we will take them to the recycling depot and collect the proceeds for his tuition expenses. Thank you for your generosity.

We recently bought 100 red missalettes at a cost of $8 each. If you would like to contribute towards this purchase please see Fr McCaffrey.

The Christus Rex pilgrimage this year runs from 28-30 October. Pilgrimage flyers, including those for the Adelaide bus, are available. Pilgrimage Contact: James Marsh; Adelaide bus contact: Rob Marsh.