There will be a farewell morning tea after the 9:15am Mass today for Ranier Juanta, who will be leaving to begin his Novitiate for the FSSP at Ezechiel House in Sydney next week.

Confirmation class resumes today, Sun. 30th July, at 11am.

Servers’ practice begins again this Mon. 31st July, 5:30-6:30pm. New servers are welcome. Parents of any child who is interested in learning to serve can contact Fr Sofatzis and are welcome to join us tomorrow (children must have made their 1st Holy Communion at least 1 year ago.)

Scripture class continues tomorrow (Mon.) evening at 7:30pm.

This Wednesday the ‘Portiuncula’ plenary indulgence is available to the faithful (under the usual conditions) who devoutly visit a parish church (in our case this would be the Cathedral) and recite the Our Father and the Creed.

Fr Sofatzis’ Thursday evening classes will resume at 7:30pm on 3 Aug. We will be discussing Brant Pitre’s book, Jesus, and the Jewish Roots of the Eucharist. Copies of the book are available at the bookstall. All welcome.

This Friday is the 1st Friday of the Month.

Masses on Saturday morning are at 7am and 8:30am.

Registrations for our annual Rosary Pilgrimage to the churchs of the mid-North on 12th August are now open. Please take a flyer or speak to Rob Marsh for more details.

A young man with limited financial means is looking for some short-term accommodation. Please see Fr McCaffrey for more details.

Please remember the sick in your prayers, especially Daniela Vergulis, Vincent Moran, Jana Basani, Damian Wyld, Michael Turnbull (Bob Turnbull’s brother), Anthony Green (Benedict Green’s and Anna Ros’s son), Kathryn Nader, Tony Caruso and Vincenza Martucci (Ines Barson’s mother). Please also remember the recently deceased, especially Louise Obrist (Gaby Freer’s mother), Hanna Winnicka (Joanna Rzad’s mother), Alexandra Vergulis, and those whose anniversaries occur about this time.