Thank you to everyone who helped with Fr Bisig’s visit last weekend and for giving him a warm welcome in Adelaide. Fr very much enjoyed his visit
and thanks us for our hospitality.

Scripture class continues tomorrow evening at 7:30pm.

Servers’ practice, catechism classes and youth group are in recess during school holidays.

The next Confirmation class is on Sun. 30th July.

The Young Dads’ Group meets this Wed. 12th July at the Belgian Beer Café in town at 8pm. Please see Nick Augimeri for details. All welcome.

There will be a meeting for anyone interested in hearing more about the proposed Latin Mass community school at 11:15am next Sun. 16th July in the community hall across the creek from the church carpark (where we have the All Saints’ Day picnic.) Everyone is welcome.

Our Adelaide Philosophy Camp (schools grades 5-12) will be held Mon.-Thurs. 17th-20th July.

We will have two visiting FSSP seminarians from the US at Mass next Sunday who will also assist on the Camp. Please make them feel welcome.

The newly ordained Fr Nathan Pospischil FSSP will be offering an indulgenced solemn votive Mass of the Precious Blood on Tues. 11th July at 6pm at St Michael’s Church, Buronga (NSW). All welcome.

Warning: A scammer has sent out emails and text messages allegedly from Fr McCaffrey asking for money. Please do not be fooled. Fr will not ask
for money in this way.

Fr Sofatzis’ Thursday evening classes are in recess until late July.

Please do not place any advertising material in the church without the prior permission of the chaplain. Thank you.

Please remember the sick in your prayers, especially Vincent Moran, Jana Basani, Damian Wyld, Michael Turnbull (Bob Turnbull’s brother), Anthony Green (Benedict Green’s and Anna Ros’s son), Kathryn Nader, Tony Caruso and Vincenza Martucci (Ines Barson’s mother). Please also remember the recently deceased and those whose anniversaries occur about this time.