If you would like your house blessed for the Epiphany by one of the priests, please let either Fr McCaffrey or Fr Sofatzis know.

The bookstore has now closed for 2023, and will reopen in Feb. 2024. Thank you for your patronage.

FSSP Calendars are still available from Fr McCaffrey for $15.

There will be a thank you fun day for the altar servers on Tues. 16th Jan. Details to be provided soon.

Our Youth Group Summer Activity Days are this week (18th – 20th Jan.)

The Annual Latin Mass Community Meeting will take place at 11am on Sunday 28th Jan. in the Ellengowan Hall. All welcome.

Please do not place any advertising material in the church without the prior permission of the chaplain. Thank you.

Please remember the sick in your prayers, especially Damian Wyld, Domenic Marafiote, Michael Turnbull (Bob Turnbull’s brother), Tony Caruso and Vincenza Martucci (Ines Barson’s mother). Please also remember the recently deceased, especially Denys Field (Felicity Collins’ father) and those whose anniversaries occur about this time.